Friday, October 3, 2008

KNUCKLEHEAD...featuring Jon Scieszka

How did Jon Scieszka get so funny, anyway? Growing up as one of six brothers was a good start, but that was just the beginning. Throw in Catholic school, lots of comic books, lazy summers at the lake with time to kill, babysitting misadventures, TV shows, jokes told at family dinner, and the result is Knucklehead. Part memoir, part scrapbook, this hilarious trip down memory lane provides a unique glimpse into the formation of a creative mind and a free spirit.
Post your own Knucklehead stories!

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julia said...

once my sister and i made up a hilarious story, about two boys and this play called the three presidents. there was this play, and one was chosen to be thomas jefferson, the other was chosen to be john adams. there was this girl who was chosen to be george washington, but she broke her leg riding her bicycle and crashing it into a tree. so the two boys crash the play and do lots of goofy stuff, like wearing swimsuits and surfing into congress, the waves soaking their fellow congressmen. and john adams lounging(and napping) on a beach chair with a beach scene and thomas jefferson riding a wave on a surfboard and soaks john adams, which woke him up. it was really funny.